Eddie Rios


A self-tought digital artist, Eddie began his digital career as a graphic design instructor at the tender age of twenty, teaching Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver and Illustrator to freshmen students at the University of Panama.

From his humble roots, Eddie grew to become an influential Creative Director focused primarily on developing cause-related marketing projects in his native Panama. In 2006, as the local Panamanian market for digital services evolved, he started focusing his efforts on user-generated content alongside Founder and CEO, Dom Einhorn, while developing an extensive UI/UX portfolio as a Production Director. Eddie’s long list of media ventures include large scale projects like Karmavision.tv, an award-winning digital platform featuring thousands of NGO projects.

Additionally, Eddie has worked with major US consumer brands via an outsourced, Panama-based advertising and marketing agency, taking the lead role of Technical Director in the conception of large-scale, enterprise websites and mobile applications.

Eddie’s deep industry experience and unrelenting work ethic, his fifteen-year side-by-side working relationship with Dom Einhorn, and his Master’s Degrees in Education and Advertising have taken him to meet and work with people across the globe, running successful projects in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Asia – and now France with UNIQORN.