Jean-Luc Menchon


Jean-Luc brings a wealth of industry expertise and experience to UNIQORN. In his official capacity of designated Certified Public Accountant for all startups in the incubator-accelerator, Jean-Luc and his dedicated team of twenty-five employees handle the day-to-day compliance of all startups with both regional and national tax authorities while helping them maximize their benefits under the many French Research & Development and Young Innovative Company schemes at the same time. Among these incentives are the CIR (Crédit Impôt Recherche) and JEI (Jeunes Entreprises Innovantes) support measures.

Jean-Luc has created hundreds of French companies from the ground up. He has also completed or reviewed thousands of corporate tax returns as a chartered accountant and auditor, a domain in which he has cemented a stellar reputation as a trusted advisor and consultant within the French startup ecosystem.

Mr. Menchon holds a Master’s degree in accounting, a Master’s degree in Management Control and Internal Audit, a DECF (Diploma of Accounting and Finance) as well as the eight-year Diploma of Accounting Expertise and Auditing. He is also the president of the Sarlat Rugby Club (CASPN), currently playing in France’s Fédérale 2 league. Dom Einhorn serves as the V.P. of Marketing for the same team.