Rural accelerator-incubator UNIQORN featured in L’Essor Sarladais

The world’s largest rural accelerator-incubator UNIQORN has recently been featured in L’Essor Sarladais. The French newspaper was covering the recent two day event held by the incubator. The incubator showcased two leading XR companies: and XR-Applied

Rural accelerator-incubator UNIQORN featured in L'Essor Sarladais

The UNIQORN incubator-accelerator has set up shop in Sarlat (Dordogne, France), offering startups a full range of turnkey services to develop their ventures. Founder Dom Einhorn aims to attract 100 startups to the region within three years. 

Rural accelerator-incubator UNIQORN featured in L'Essor Sarladais

Full steam ahead for UNIQORN

The venture, founded by Dom Einhorn and Jean Vignon, aims to attract 100 startups within three years.

The rich heritage and quality of life in the Périgord Noir region are salient selling points when it comes to attracting high tech startups. Dom Einhorn explains his decision process for choosing Sarlat as the back drop for his incubator-accelerator ecosystem, designed to nurture startups into sustainable, long terms ventures.

From funding to exit, UNIQORN provides all the ingredients to ensure entrepreneurial success to its incubated startups. Eight ventures have already joined the program, as they look forward to moving into 3000 m2 of prime Sarlat real estate, currently undergoing refurbishment. Once completed, the huge space will provide a ground level, themed restaurant alongside a large coworking space. Incubation will take place on the first floor, acceleration on the second while UNIQORN’s corporate offices will be located on the upper floors. 

Sarlat as the next Silicon Valley? 

Northern California based Silicon Valley hosts digital giants such as Google, Twitter, Apple, Tesla and Facebook. 

With UNIQORN specializing in high tech startups, from virtual and augmented reality to fintech, medtech, edtech and other digital domains, a “Sarlat Valley” seems slightly more realistic with every day that goes by.


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