Chief Content Marketer
Brief info

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Saul has lived and worked in multiple countries across the European Union, including Denmark, Poland, and France. He is the founder of Lazy Dragon Ltd., a content marketing company that specializes in turning difficult-to-understand concepts and ideas into simple words. Because of his background, Saul is well placed to work with start-ups in complex fields such as cryptocurrency, edtech, artificial intelligence or augmented reality where he helps them communicate their core value proposition to both B2C and B2B audiences, including individual and institutional investors as well as to the media at large.

Saul’s background in archaeology demonstrated to him that many of the problems facing academics fighting for funding also applied to businesses. People with game-changing ideas did not know how to explain the benefits of what they were doing to their audiences.

Recently Saul has taken a keen interest in NLG (natural language generation) to empower businesses to reach more users without the need for maintaining large teams of writers. He is spearheading NLG and NLP (natural language processing) efforts within UNIQORN and is also in charge of integrating these technologies to help the start-ups in the incubator reach new audiences.