UNIQORN holds two day showcase of groundbreaking XR technology

The groundbreaking rural accelerator-incubator, UNIQORN, has recently hosted an event with two incredible XR startups.

UNIQORN, the largest rural accelerator-incubator of its kind, held a two day showcase of AR and VR technology between the 27th and 28th of February. The event took place in the company’s offices in Sarlat-la-Canéda. It consisted of demonstrations by two leading XR technology startups and talks by the founder & CEO Dominique Einhorn. The event was covered by French television station FR3.

Following on from the incubator’s debut at the WBAIF, UNIQORN brought together two rising stars from the Virtual & Augmented reality world. These companies have signed on with UNIQORN to find real world uses for cutting edge AR & VR technologies and bring them to market. The XR technology sector is predicted to be worth $393 billion by 2025.

A unique event

A series of demonstrations made by Aleksey Andreychenko and Peter Langer, the founders of XR-Applied and TimeTravel.berlin, respectively. Both founders showcased their groundbreaking technology with public presentations and physical demonstrations.

XR-Applied’s founder Aleksey demonstrating the company’s bow controller

Aleksey demonstrated his unique portfolio of AR and VR games as well as his company’s longbow controller. Attendees were able to play an archery defense game on both the longbow and while using a VR headset. 

Peter used a VR headset to take attendees back to the Berlin of the 1920s with an impressive demo. Summit attendees were able to walk the streets of Berlin featuring meticulously reconstructed buildings. 

The XR technology startups

XR-Applied is leveraging its extensive AR & VR development experience to build the first SDK for XR technology. The company has already developed a number of exciting games, and novel utilities for the technology and is preparing to bring these products to mass market. During the event they showcased their new technologies.

TimeTravel.Berlin founder Peter preparing to demonstrate his creation

TimeTravel.berlin is bringing Germany’s roaring 1920s back to life using cutting edge VR to help tourists experience pre-WWII Berlin, before the destruction that ensued. The company has plans to leverage this project and build a new platform for tourism-focused virtual reality experiences in cities around the globe.

The first of many

This event was just the first step in UNIQORN’s journey. The rural incubator-accelerator is busy working with a number of companies in a variety of high-growth industries. The company intends to hold a series of marquee events that will showcase the potential of the Dordogne region – and the city of Sarlat in particular – as a hub for technological disruption.

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