Why France?

France has always been revered for its world-class wines and cuisines. The country is filled with breathtaking landscapes, beautiful cities, and world-class skiing. None of that has changed but France is rapidly becoming a top destination for businesses.

Move to France

Over the past five years France has transformed itself into one of the top countries in the world for start-ups.

Macron’s recent reforms have opened up generous incentives to new start-ups and recent immigration reforms have made it easier than ever to import top talent.

Move to France

World class grants

Innovative businesses are able to recover 40-70% of their development costs through R&D grants and a large portion of their payroll to boot!

Work-lifestyle balance

Unbeatable outdoor activities, incredible restaurants, brilliant wine, live the expat dream without sacrificing your business ambitions.

Low cost of living

Tired of spending half your salary on rent? Property prices in France are an absolute bargain and our team will help you find the perfect place…

Great infrastructure

A direct link into the Fibre Optic network ensures that you’re always online and there are two airports within 2 hours distance from the town by train.

Access top talent

France is home to some of the world’s top tech talent and recent immigration reforms have made it easier than ever to attract world-class talent to your…

Why Sarlat?

One key change is the return to the countryside. The Dordogne has long been considered one of the most beautiful parts of the world. The low cost of living, gourmet dining experiences, and new special economic zones have already begun to attract entrepreneurs from around the world from the cities and back to the beautiful French countryside.

Pollution, traffic, and stress. The big city has always been considered great for business but it’s no place to live. The countryside has always offered a better standard of living but businesses have been put-off by a lack of infrastructure and concerns about losing their network. Thanks to Uniqorn that’s all about to change.


Come live in Sarlat

  • Complete ecosystem, from startup to exit
  • Unparalleled startup incentives
  • Direct connection to fiber optic backbone
  • Low cost living, no noise, no traffic
  • Remember, “entrepreneur” is a French word

Come work in Sarlat

  • 1h45 from Toulouse, 2h30 from Bordeaux
  • The 7th most visited town in France
  • The 3rd most filmed location in France
  • The most historical listed buildings in France
  • Hard to beat gourmet food and lifestyle
  • Exceptional outdoor and nature activities