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Find out why France is rapidly becoming the world’s top location for start-ups, and it has nothing to do with our great wine and cheese. Discover the perfect startup ecosystem, designed by startup entrepreneurs for startup entrepreneurs.

Find out Why Move to Sarlat?

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Grow your startup, in the perfect ecosystem

Direct-connect to the new fiber optic backbone.
Less competition means faster speeds.
Plug and play.

A complete ecosystem built to insure your startup success: super low rents and operating costs, excellent and affordable quality of life plus world-class management and support.

Best-in-class startup incentives. France offers some of the world’s most generous R&D and JEI (Young Innovative Company) grants and credits.

“Helping others achieve their dreams is that fundamental underlying value that ties UNIQORN and CIVIQUO together.”

Yakof Agius

Founder at CiviQuo

UNIQORN's Remote Incubation

UNIQORN Remote allows you to benefit from our entire ecosystem without having to relocate


XRApplied is leveraging AR & VR to help build the next generation of e-commerce. is the esports platform for mobile gaming, supporting all game titles, for all tournament organizers, casual and competitive gamers, and esports fans. 

Doggies in Town

Doggies in Town is an app for dog owners and dog loving businesses designed to help find dog friendly places, events, activities, services and more! It also acts as SaaS for those business to help target dog owners and lovers by launching location and interest based offers.


Constructing the digital money of the future. Welcome to the LODE Community. The birthplace of the honest money revolution. A global system built with real money. Created by the people, for the people. 


In an increasingly crowded marketplace companies have to fight for worthwhile exposure. Most companies offer solutions that are either too expensive to be viable in the long term or only provide vanity figures.